Apr 28

Special Announcement – After Mass tomorrow, Sun Apr 29, 2012

All parishioners and friends are asked to attend Mass this Sunday, April 29th at 10 AM. An important letter from Bishop Kmiec will be read. For those unable to attend, please remember to keep St. Ann’s in your prayers.

Glorious Saint Ann—filled with compassion for those who invoke thee—and with love for those who suffer—heavily laden with the weigh of my troubles—I cast myself at they feet—and humbly beg of thee—to take my present need—lovingly under thy care.—Vouchsafe to commend it to thy daughter—Our Mother—the Blessed Virgin Mary—and to lay my petition—before the throne of Jesus.—Cease not to intercede for me—until my request is granted.—Above all things—obtain for me the grace—of one day beholding my God face to face—with thee and Mary and all the Saints—praising and blessing Him—for all eternity.  

Santa Anna, Ora Pro Nobis!


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