An appeal to all our friends in the community and in the Diocese of Buffalo

We thank all of you for your concerns and for your support over many years. While the Diocese of Buffalo has succeeded in getting our original favorable judgment overturned at the Vatican Apostolic Signatura, we remain committed to attempting to prevent the cultural destruction that would occur if the interior of St. Ann Church were broken up and stripped out. The Diocesan press release announced their specific intention to strip out the interior.

The diocesan proposal to remove and preserve interior elements elsewhere seems to us to come from the same school of thought that has left us only a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Office Building: “Let’s intentionally destroy the Statue of Liberty and put up an exhibit of one of its I-beams elsewhere.”

As a community, we are facing that sort of choice at St. Ann Church. Are we willing to work together as a community to come up with a more creative and less historically and culturally destructive plan?

Please consider what we have and what we stand to lose:

Do we want this?

Or this?


    • chris ceryak on December 13, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Yes I am definitely intrested in giving my support and efforts toward saving this church as a spiritual shrine/museum dedicated to the Germans their faith and customs. I believe we can allow the Diocese of Buffalo to remove the consicrated elements that make it a church/parish, but allow the ornate artwork and statury. I recently wrote a article to the Buffalo News opinion page about Bishop Malone and his actions at St. Ann’s. This building can still be used for architectural tours concerts weddings and funeral services. i believe it is in our reach has anyone reached out to the many influential supporters of the arts in Buffalo for help Russett Salvatore or Mr. Pegula or the benefactors of the Albright Knox. Anyone know How much the friends of St. Ann’s have to spend to buy it fronm the Diocese

    • martha j gohlke on June 5, 2019 at 11:44 am

    What is the latest status on St. Ann’s? Where are the church records located? I am interested in researching them to gain family history. The church is beautiful & I hope it can be saved.

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