Nov 25

2018 Saint Ann’s calendar now available for purchase

Our beautiful 2018 Saint Ann’s Calendar is now available for purchase!

There are two ways you can order the 2018 Saint Ann’s Calendar.

Click here to download our convenient order form—>

Or you can order online with credit/debit card via PayPal button below.

Includes shipping and handling.


***Proceeds from calendar sale go to continuing efforts to Save Saint Ann’s Church***

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    I wish I would have know this was going thru paypal I don’t use them and I hope the calendar comes soon they ripped me off by over charging me by 150.00 for items I did not purchase I would like to cancel if I could Carol I wish there was another way to buy this calendar I am sorry when I saw the screen come up they take to much information from you I no longer trust them after what they did to me. I am sorry . I no longer keep personal information on file as should no one either this an very easy way for people to hack your computer, as my was one mother ago . please cancel my pending calendar . asap.

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