Jan 23

Statement from Saint Ann’s Revitalization Committee on Vatican Decree


In a decree dated January 7, 2014 the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy informed the people of St. Ann that their recourse to prevent St. Ann Church and Shrine from being reduced to profane status has been upheld. This means that St. Ann Church and Shrine must be repaired and reopened and must remain a church. Our intention and our hope have always been—and still are—to work collaboratively and in a spirit of mutual respect and Christian charity with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo so that St. Ann’s Church and Shrine may remain an important spiritual, cultural and civic treasure for all of Western New York for many years to come. We are grateful for the prayers and the support of the community over the years, and ask for continued prayers and support as we begin to move forward to secure the future of St. Ann’s Church and Shrine.


  1. Mary (Schultz) Ruppert

    Your perseverance in the cause to preserve St. Ann’s has been a significant battle won. I congratulate every one of you for your tireless effort to keep this most beautiful Church saved. I attended St. Ann’s School. Also Baptized, made my Communion, Confirmed, went roller skating every week on the 3rd floor, Graduated and was Married there. Father Keebler was the Pastor when I attended School. So many wonderful memories are stored in my mind of the great times I had on Emslie St. growing up.
    May the Blessed Mother, St. Ann and all the Angels and Saints continue to surround you as you continue your work in this enormous under taking.
    Mary Ruppert

  2. Mary McMahon

    So happy to hear this news. Best wishes for St. Ann’s and all your heroic work to save this beautiful, priceless, irreplaceable Catholic Church.

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